Campden Street - front elevation (photograph: Groves Natcheva Architects)
Campden Street (photograph: Groves Natcheva Architects)
Campden Street - View from west of existing building (image: AZ Urban Studio)
Campden Street - Historic photograph (image: Groves Natcheva Architects)

Campden Street, Kensington

Development planning

AZ Urban Studio has assisted in securing planning permission to refurbish a somewhat tired mixed-use building located on Campden Street, Kensington.  Campden Street is an extraordinarily well-preserved and beautiful street protected by a Conservation Area and well-loved by residents as well as visitors to the well known Church Hill Arms pub.

The development protects and improves the character of the street, through a delicate refurbishment and reconfiguration of the existing building. Proposed works include recladding and reconfiguration of fenestration to better reflect the historic nature of the street.  The reorganisation of internal space provides upgraded office space and a penthouse apartment.

AZ Urban Studio, as a sub-consultant to Groves Natcheva Architects provided strategic advice on the redevelopment of this building on a complex and delicate site.  At the application stage, we assisted thought preparation of comprehensive planning and heritage material.  In addition, we coordinated a formal pre-application public engagement process and prepared the associated Statement of Community Involvement.

Groves Natcheva Architect led the project and have prepared a design which, renews the existing building whilst making and efficient use of the existing structure. This has substantial environmental, cost and construction benefits to the project.

This is an excellent example of how AZ Urban Studio can assist with planning applications in sensitive locations or those involving complex heritage considerations.

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