Dennet Road - Visulisation of sunken garden (image: Hoyys Architecture and Design)

Land to rear of Dennett Road

Development planning

AZ Urban Studio was commissioned to advise on the redevelopment of a constrained back land site in Croydon.  The client had purchased the site with the benefit of a lapsed planning permission for two homes, and we assisted them in securing a new permission, for a substantially larger development.

The project was led by Hoyys Architecture and Design, AZ Urban Studio advised on all planning matters and assisted the project architects in consultant management and negotiation with the LPA.

The project is a continuation of our work on small complex site. Other examples include Orford Road (link), Donaldson Road (link) and Woodville Road.  Projects of this type often incorporate complex planning issue disproportionate to the actual size of the project, we have assisted numerous clients to overcome these.

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