Preparing a deliverable masterplan. (image: Studio Egret West)
Preparing a deliverable masterplan. (image: Studio Egret West)

South Shields Masterplan

Development consultancy

In 2006 AZ Urban Studio was appointed by One North East and South Tyneside Council as part of a multidisciplinary team led by Studio Egret West to prepare a comprehensive masterplan for South Shields Riverside a 25-hectare brownfield site at the mouth of the river Tyne.

The spatial strategy set out a sustainable and long-term plan that balanced the desire for a working waterfront with the ambitions of a growing and changing residential community. The plan enabled the reintegration of the Rekendyke community and the South Shields town centre with a ‘new shore’ through a phased approach.

AZ provided property advice and development feasibility services throughout the evolution of the design to allow a deliverable masterplan to be produced. This involved detailed analysis of market conditions and site constraints, as well as testing design propositions through comprehensive development appraisal modelling.

The masterplan was adopted as supplementary planning guidance, and the local authority are undertaking strategic land acquisitions to facilitate development.

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