Link Drive, Hatfield - Visualisation (image: Future Realities Studios)

Link Drive Hatfield

Development planning

AZ Urban Studio (as a sub-consultant to Inner Circle Consulting) has secured resolution to grant planning permission for a major development in Hatfield, Hertfordshire. The development includes 80 flats, improvements to the public realm and associated parking.

The project is a further important step in Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council’s ambitious regeneration programme for Hatfield. Following the recent permission for a major mixed-use development at One Town Centre the start of construction of a new multistorey car park at The Common and the delivery of the improvements to White Lion Square.

The project designed by Hunters Architects successfully optimises the site and addresses the many complex constraints of changing the character in a respectful manner while mitigating adjacency issues of building next to a well-loved skate park.

AZ Urban Studio led the preparation and submission of the planning application and acted as agent, as well as preparing key documents. We undertook negotiations with the Local Planning Authority and other key stakeholders.

The consent builds on our earlier work, including securing planning permission for One Town Centre, The Common multistorey car park, the preparation of an EIA screening request for the broader town centre renewal programme as a whole.

The project builds on AZ Urban Studios experience assisting the public sector and our ongoing work with Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council.

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