Washingly Road - Internal (image: AZ Urban Studio)
Washingly Road - external (image: AZ Urban Studio)

Washingly Road, Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire

Development planning

AZ Urban Studio secured planning permission for the change of use of a large former telephone exchange to General Industrial / Storage or Distribution (Use Class B2/B8) with ancillary offices. Substantial inward investment and employment creation will be delivered to Huntington by the development of this 22,000 Sqft building, which has been vacant for several years.

AZ Urban Studio acted as lead consultant and agent. As part of the application, detailed material was prepared illustrating that the proposed change was in accordance with planning policy would support economic development with no detrimental impact on adjoining occupiers.

Planning permission was secured quickly and cost-effectively; this is an example of our work related to asset management and assisting clients’ to reposition their buildings to maximise value.

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