Wickham Road (image: Rebecca Granger Architects)
Wickham Road (image: Rebecca Granger Architects)

Wickham Road, Boscombe, Bournemouth

Development planning

AZ Urban Studio has secured planning permission to allow a vacant and semi-derelict building in Boscombe, Bournemouth, to be converted into an exemplary co-working space. The permission enables the change of use from Storage and Distribution (use class B8) to Commercial, Business and Service (use class E) and associated physical works, including changes to the elevations and the introduction of a walled garden. The developer plans to make a substantial investment in creating a business centre serving the needs and requirements of local small businesses or those who want to move to this exciting area of the South Coast.

The developer with Rebecca Granger Architects has conceived of a relatively light touch proposal which, whilst transforming the perception of the space, retains and reuses as mich of the existing fabric as possible.

AZ Urban Studio actively managed the application to reduce as far as possible the requirement for extensive supporting material and was able to negotiate permission with limited pre-commencement conditions. Wickham Road is an excellent example of how we are helping commercial investors optimise site values; other examples can be viewed here.

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