AZ Urban Studio’s professional services cover a wide range of sectors.  As a small firm we do not pretend that we cover every sector, but rather we pride ourselves on our ability and experience in the following core areas.

Residential/mixed use
AZ Urban Studio has promoted residential and mixed-use projects for clients for over 25 years. During that time the principle of mixed-use has been accepted across the property industry and public arena, however, the planning and development challenges have not diminished. Our team continues to advise on these types of projects in both rural and urban locations. 

The projects we work on range from small inner-city projects on challenging tight sites to larger greenfield sites and urban extensions. While our policy work ranges in scale to mixed-use urban extensions.

Please see the projects page for a collection of our residential and mixed use projects.

Private Residential
AZ Urban Studio has built an enviable portfolio and substantial experience in assisting clients with complex planning issues related to private residential projects. These are often related to either bespoke houses in sensitive locations, such as the open countryside or substantial extensions to historic buildings.

Please see the projects page for a collection of our private residential projects.

AZ Urban Studio has built up an excellent track record of working on commercial projects.  This has in part emerged from our planning policy work as well as applications for mixed-use projects.  Our work in this sector ranges from offices and retail to more specialist, and unusual employment uses.

Please see the projects page for a collection of our commerical projects.

Rural diversification
Rural planning projects represent almost half of our professional work. Over the last 15 years, we have worked on a wide range of diversification projects for some large county estates.  Projects have included: new homes in the open countryside, change of use to leisure facilities, museums and energy/infrastructure projects.  

Please see the projects page for a collection of our rural diversification projects.

Public sector
AZ Urban Studio has a long track record of advising the public-sector bodies regarding regeneration strategy and planning policy, more recently we have built up considerable experience managing planning applications for Local Authorities for their own direct delivery.  

Combining professional expertise and private sector experience has proven a useful combination when advising the public sector on development potential.  While our work on policy has given us experience of working on projects in a broader and more complex multi-stakeholder environments and the need for proactive engagement.

Please see the projects page for a collection of our public sector projects

Hospitality, leisure, education and cultural
There are complex and specific planning issues associated with leisure, cultural and education developments both regarding the acceptability of the principle of development and more technical planning considerations, such as transport, amenity issues.    

AZ Urban Studio has experience in managing these types of applications as standalone applications and as part of a broader mixed-use development.  We have particular experience of handling these issues in a sensitive or heritage context.

Please see the projects page for a collection of our hospitality, lesiure, education and culture